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Calling all Anglers: Book These Cabins for The Perfect Fishing Trip with Friends this Spring

Calling all Anglers: Book These Cabins for The Perfect Fishing Trip with Friends this Spring

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Imagine this. You’re an avid angler, looking to go catch some awesome fish this spring, and you want to go somewhere new. But going somewhere new raises some questions...

Where should you go?

What should you try to catch?

What is the best rental cabin in the area to stay in?

Lucky for you, there are answers to all of those questions, with plenty of time to book the spring fishing trip of your dreams.

Sound like a good plan? Great, keep reading to check out four awesome places in the US to fish this spring. Up North, down South, or on either coast, we’ve picked somewhere you can get to without too much difficulty.

Cabins for a fishing getaway
Photo by Greysen Johnson on Unsplash

Spring Fishing In Minnesota

In Minnesota, you’ll get to experience the North like nowhere else in the country. The natural beauty of the outdoors, and the promise of 10,000 lakes make this a fishing haven. But what’s the best fish to go after in the Spring? We’d suggest going after Walleyes.

Walleyes are the state fish of Minnesota and have a season that opens in early to mid-May most years. There are a few ways you can target these fish depending on what you prefer.

Jigging for Walleyes is a great method. Find some structure and drop down your favorite jig until you get a bite. Another great method is trolling. Trolling a stickbait allows you to cover lots of area and is a proven method to get big Walleyes.

Which lake in Minnesota should you go for Spring Walleyes? One great option is Mille Lacs lake. This is one of the most well-known lakes in the state and has some great Walleye fishing within it. This lake is over 500 square kilometers in size, so there is plenty of space to have some of the lake all to yourself.

Where to stay?

Stay at this Lakefront Isle Escape on the southeastern shores of Mille Lacs Lake in Isle, Minnesota, United States.

Lakefront Isle Escape Cabin in Isle, Minnesota, United States
Photos from Airbnb

This lakefront cabin is the perfect place for any angler. Its ability to house 8 people lets you take all your buddies along with you. A private dock for your boats and a grill to cook all your fish make this a great place to chase Spring Walleyes in Minnesota.

Spring Fishing in Texas

When you hear fishing in Texas, chances are the first thing you think of is catching bass. Texas is a huge state, with huge potential to land your new personal best Largemouth. But how should you try to catch these awesome fish?

Well, there are a few different strategies. If you’re looking for the experience of having a fish erupt from below and blow up your lure, you’ll want to fish a topwater bait. Lures like frogs and poppers are great for this.

If you want something that goes underwater, try a diving crankbait or a jig. Regardless of topwater or diving lures, mix up your retrieve speed and twitches to help trigger a fish to bite.

Of all the bass lakes in Texas, where should you go? A great pick is Lake Fork near Dallas. This lake is well known for its bass fishing and has the potential to get you a massive bass each cast.

Where to stay?

Stay at this beautiful forested cabin situated on a private wooded acre in Alba, Texas, United States.

Forested cabin situated on a private wooded acre in Alba, Texas, United States
Photos from Airbnb

This cabin is located right next to Lake Fork, and has accommodations for up to 8 guests, making it the perfect bass getaway for everyone. Featuring over 2,300 square feet of cabin and being only minutes away from the nearest boat launch, you won’t want to miss out on this space for your Spring Bass fishing trip in Texas!

Spring Fishing in Colorado

Nothing sounds as peaceful to an angler as spending time out on the river trying to catch a trout. The peace and serenity these river fish bring is incredible. What better place to go after them in the Spring than Colorado?

Whether it’s Rainbow Trout or Cutthroat Trout, there are a couple of ways to try catching them. The most common in this area is to Fly Fish them. Get your favorite fly rod and some flies that match the hatch when you’re there and you’ll likely catch some fish. You can also try putting bait on a bobber and drifting your hook in slow-moving water to try to catch these fish.

A great river (especially for Rainbow Trout) to try in the Spring is the South Platte River.

If you want to try this river, where should you go?

Where to stay?

Stay at this stylish and well-kitted timber A-frame in Divide, Colorado, United States.

Timber A-frame in Divide, Colorado, United States
Photos from Airbnb

This amazing A-Frame Cabin can house 6 anglers and even comes with a hot tub. Only minutes away from amazing Trout fishing in the South Platte River, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime here at this cabin!

Spring Fishing in North Carolina

Are you interested in fishing in one of the most diverse fisheries on this list? Well, you should check out North Carolina then. The beauty of fishing in North Carolina (besides the natural beauty of the state) is the option to fish in fresh water or salt water in spring and have an amazing time.

Interested in salt water fishing? You’ll have the opportunity to catch mackerel, groupers, and sharks. More of a freshwater fisherman? You can go after redfish, striped bass, and more.

The diverse opportunities for fishing here leave us suggesting the best way to fish is going to be to find a local charter or guide to work with. These fishing professionals can help you find the fish and give you the best tips and tricks to land as many as possible.

A great place to stay and fish in North Carolina is the Crystal Coast, right by the Atlantic Ocean.

Where to stay?

Stay at this "Crystal Coast Cabin" with a treehouse in Newport, North Carolina, United States.

Crystal Coast Cabin with a treehouse in Newport, North Carolina, United States
Photo from Airbnb

This cabin is right on the water with its own fishing dock. With close, easy access to both the ocean and the Newport River, you’ll love this angler’s paradise whether you choose to fish on your own or with a guide.

Whether you want to stay close to home or travel across the country, you have options for fishing this spring. Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, and North Carolina all offer great Spring Fishing, and all have great-looking cabins that are perfect for your trip. Make sure to book today and start making fishing memories!